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“I have started a few weeks ago to use Galit’s Coach Services. In very little time, I have seen changes in my personal and business life. I feel more confident and have been able to use techniques that are making great difference in my daily life. I am grateful for what Galit has helped me accomplish.

Martine Belanger
Bijoutiere Fith Ave.


“ I met Galit at the most critical moment in my university career; I was asking myself that dreaded question all students have to face when in their final year of school: ‘what do I do once I graduate?’. In answering this question, Galit helped me identify my key interests and guided me towards creating for myself a future in which I can receive both professional satisfaction and experience personal growth. Moreover, an important outcome of the coaching process was self-discovery. Not only did I identify teaching as a possible future career, but I also realized what sort of environment would be most aligned with my values and would therefore allow me to thrive. Thank you, Galit, for this illuminating experience!”
Student in History and Political Science at McGill University



“ I have started a few weeks ago to use Galit’s coach services. In very little time, I have seen changes in my personal and business life. I feel more confident and have been able to use techniques that are making a great difference in my daily life. I am grateful for what Galit has helped me accomplish.”

Martine Bélanger
Bijoutière Fifth Avenue Collection


“Galit Lazar est une coach de vie très efficace, méthodique et perspicace. J’ai beaucoup aimé qu’elle me demande par écrit mes attentes envers elle avant même de commencer les séances.Nous avons travaillé entre autres avec la technique de la visualisation. L’hypnose dirigée que j’ai eue avec Galit pour renforcer la visualisation m’a fait utiliser autant le plan émotionnel que celui des 5 sens (vue, ouïe, odorat, goût, toucher). Les résultats ont été extraordinaires, en quelques semaines j’ai atteint mes 2 objectifs fixés : être en excellente forme physique et rencontrer 5 personnes compétentes pour m’aider à mettre sur pieds ma propre entreprise.

Je recommande fortement Galit Lazar à quiconque désire éliminer ses blocages intérieurs et avoir une vie remplie de succès”.

Claudia Cercel,
conseillère en communications et comédienne,


Dear Galit,

When we began working together in April, I was overwhelmed and angry. I had a lot going on. I was working full time, going to school and re-launching a business. Your coaching helped me to gain clarity and as a result I was able to prioritize, create boundaries that work for me, brainstorm ideas for my business relaunch and take actions that produced real results.

The combination of your ability to coach, your vast knowledge and resources, your real life experience, the exercises that we worked on and the actions you recommended offered me vital support and encouragement.

By June, I had accomplished many of the things that were important to me and my buisness. I found a way to manage all the things that I was up to in a way that was very enjoyable and I felt empowered. I started to notice all what I was accomplishing rather then what I wasn’t. I gained five new clients, raised almost 2000$ for a cause that is very important to me and even expanded my responsibilities at my full time job.

Thank you very much for all that your wonderful coaching provided for me as well as the extraordinary benefits I will continue to realize as time goes by.”

Charlotte Morris.


“As a Coach, Galit is warm, empathetic and a powerful listener. She hears between the words you say, and zones quickly into the real message behind them. She has a very gentle but effective way of getting to the core of each challenge, and encouraging you to find within yourself the solution you feel most comfortable with. In the twelve weeks that I worked with Galit, I discovered a lot about myself and as I did, my confidence grew tremendously. Each week we agreed on an exciting assignment for me to work on, and Galit sent me a short questionnaire before each session, which enabled me to stay on track, to report my progress, and challenged me to achieve results. The assignments are powerful tools that I can employ in other areas of my life in the future. I was pleasantly surprised at how effective phone coaching was and, if you are looking for an excellent coach, I highly recommend Galit.”

Jan Osmond, Sydney Australia


“In my coaching journey with Galit, I have achieved more clarity in my life and what I needed to do to succeed. I learned new effective ways to attract what I wanted in my life by focusing on positive affirmations everyday. My awareness has doubled during my coaching with Galit. I have learned how to go back in time and focus on the reasons around what is producing my limiting beliefs and how to overcome them by replacing them with positive thoughts on a consistent basis. Galit has supported me with warmth and encouragement all through my most difficult times and I am so grateful for it. I highly recommend Galit as a coach.”

Bono Gavran, Life Coach, Avatar Master.


“Working with Galit as a coach is an incredible experience. She is powerful, supportive, and intuitive in her casual friendly style of coaching. We began working on my self-confidence around working as an actor in NYC. Right away she created powerful conversations for me to really get underneath the issue. Throughout our time she provided intense homework assignments that allowed me to practice what I learned in my life. Now I experience myself as more powerful and definitely confident. Through our work together I have an interview with a legit acting agent, I have booked work on a popular cable television show, and I have transformed my relationship to money and opportunity. I would choose Galit again in a heartbeat!”

Wynoami Glasser -Actor

I came to Galit being very unclear about what my passion is, what is my career path and with a lot of fears. In a very short time 6 sessions I got clear about my passion and have a step by step plan to follow it. I also overcame some very big fears that were preventing my clarity and I am feeling more confident than I was before.  I also became aware of blocks that were preventing me from advancing in my path such as limiting beliefs, being judgmental.

I feel so happy and relieved that I now know what I love to do as a career, know what I like and dislike. Galit is an amazing coach, she knows how to tap deeply at what keeps me stuck and how to release this very quickly and fast. Galit also goes out of her way to serve me. I highly recommend Galit as a coach.



Feng Shui Consultant


I came to Galit’s workshop unclear about what my career path is. I  felt lacking a sense of direction in my life and meaning. I came to learn and I was pleasantly surprised that in one hour and a half Galit helped me discover what my passion is, what it is I love to do as a career.

Galit had various tools and effective exercises in the workshop and she guided me step by step towards the answer. Her questions made me think deeply and tune into who I am as well.

Galit had various tools and effective exercises in the workshop and she


Now I have the clarity I need to move forward. Thank you Galit for the wonderful help and support.

Galit is an amazing coach very intuitive. She can pick up immediately where a client is stuck and knows how to bring the client quickly to see a more positive perspective that is beneficial to the client.


I warmly and highly recommend Galit as a coach.


Christine Calpito

Exclusive Black Younique Presenter.