After watching the Oprah Winfrey show in 2004, Galit got fired up and started to seek her own passions and purpose. Galit has doing what she loves with burning fire in her heart since 2008, helping other women find their hidden talents and what they love to do as a career.

Galit is a Certified ACC (accredited) Life coach, a bestselling contributing author of Speaking Your Truth, Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women and a speaker. She also has a Bachelor degree in Teaching English as a second Language and another Bachelor degree in English Literature. Galit is the proud and passionate owner of Flourish & Bloom Coaching since 2008.


Her speaking style is passionate, enthusiastic, engaging, hands on, funny and highly inspirational.


The Topics Galit speaks about:

  • 10 Magnetic Ways to Get Clear about Your Passion and Follow it.

Step by step guidance on how to get clear, what makes their heart sings and a plan of action to follow it. Participants will walk out with a clear idea of what they love to do a plan of action they can implement.

  • How to Overcome Fears

6 ways to dig deeply and release your fears

  • Time is a perception: How to find more time to work on your life happiness and passions by Embracing Your Emotions?

4 step process to find more Time by changing their perspective on time.